Ready to be a partner? Your ideas, talents and time can make a difference for Juneau’s kids. Here’s how you can participate:


Join a workgroup

Workgroups form around a shared issue or need for our community and usually meet every 4 to 6 weeks until the project is completed. If you’re interested in learning more about our current workgroups, please reach out & the Coordinator will contact you right away. 


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Join the advisory Team

The Advisory Team meets 2 times a year: October/Nov and March. It’s a potluck gathering to give a short update on our efforts and then we spend time discussing emerging needs, reviewing results, and voicing your opinion around next steps. This is a vital group! Your input and wisdom guides our community-driven focus and work.

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We’re a community change initiative, working to improve the lives of all children and youth in Juneau. Healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults as employees, friends, partners and parents. Working together (organizations + citizens) creates sustainable and strong programs, services and resources. Please contact the Coordinator for specific ways your financial gift can support our current projects and efforts!