We work to improve the lives of young people in Juneau


Our Mission

ROCK Juneau (Raising our Children with Kindness) represents a long term, deep partnership of community members and organizations to co-create supports, skills, and opportunities for our children & youth to grow and learn as happy, safe and healthy citizens in this amazing town.

We are dedicated to equity and culturally responsive practices.

The collective collaboration actions are rooted in shared responsibility towards a united set of goals and accountability using aligned data, budgets and work plans that are clear & transparent to the community, and respond to the short term and long term needs of youth
(birth-young adulthood).

ROCK Juneau is an incredible asset to the Juneau community.
— Hannah-Laura Henderson, Juneau Youth Services

What We've Achieved

  • informing and uniting our community in reducing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

  • connecting families with a full spectrum of health, mental health & social services

  • ensuring parents and youth have strong social supports and skills for healthy relationships

  • ensuring our community is committed to cultural inclusion, healing and safety

  • ensuring that our community and systems are committed to healthy childhoods & family life