Ages birth to three are a time of significant brain development for infants. Some children experience delays in their development and parents experience unfamiliar barriers. The REACH Infant Learning Program provides education and support to parents and their children ages zero to three, dealing with existing or potential developmental delays. This is a voluntary program that aims to strengthen and support families through healthy development. The program is made to be parent driven and encourage their contributions to their child's development with added support from speech-language, physical and occupational therapists, and a family service coordinator that provides consistency and support to the family. The program creates a bonded team between family and educators with knowledge of child development in order to explore the family's strengths and needs and then use that information to create a plan that includes both the child and family goals.

The program is connected to the Juneau community and participates in and encourages events specifically for the birth to three age group such as the baby fair, Baby Toddler Time at Bartlett Regional Hospital and Library Story Time. They have strong connections with their families as well as pediatricians in the community. While they have seen lots of support and successes throughout their program, they would love to see a public playroom that would be age appropriate for infant aged children and open to the community at little to no cost. They have also noticed a lack of treatment options in Juneau for parents or infants that are facing addiction, noting that they often need to go as far as Anchorage to get the help they need. If you or anyone you know can contribute ideas or support for the needs of the Infant Learning Program at REACH, please contact us at

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