Sister School Exchange Program

"Five students with their teacher traveled to Scammon Bay this spring for the Sister School Exchange Program.  After the Juneau students traveled to Scammon Bay, five Scammon Bay students and their teacher traveled to Juneau to learn about our community.  

The Juneau students met weekly and worked on a year long curriculum.  Topics included learning about ourselves and our cultural heritage, how we are connected with our community, how our community has changed over time and how we relate to each other. We met with a local community member and learned about Tlingit history.  We also met several Friday evenings via google hangout with our Sister School and learned about Scammon Bay. We learned fun information about each other but also serious things like pros and cons about each community and current community wide issues facing Juneau and Scammon Bay.   Finally we created an essential question which guided our visit. Our essential question was: How do Scammon Bay community members currently gather and process subsistence foods?

I have been impressed with this group's commitment to this year long process which helped us prepare for our upcoming trip.  I have also been impressed with the community support we received to help make this experience a positive one. While in Scammon Bay, numerous community members reached out to the Juneau group each and every day.  From saving and then sharing local foods with us like musk ox, rabbit, ptarmigan, seal and lynx to giving the Juneau students Scammon Bay sweatshirts. While in Juneau, we can’t thank the parental and community support enough.  From Goldbelt Mount Roberts Tramway donating a ride up the tram to receiving a complimentary permit from the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation for our camping experience. We will forever appreciate the community support from both towns which help make this trip possible."

-Sheila Degener, Librarian at Floyd Dryden Middle School