Gaming has become a huge part of teen culture in the present day. It is a popular way for teens to interact with others and pass the time on rainy days. Game On is a one stop shop for everyone, including high school students, to stock up on all their gaming needs. But there is something special about this store.

Owners, Casey and Emry, opened up Game On in 2016 with the intention of sharing their passion for videogames with others, as well as celebrating diversity and representation in the games that they love. They interact with a lot of high school students and their store aims to be a positive influence in their lives. The store is a safe place for every one of all races, genders and ages.

Game On has a Diversity Wall that they use to feature videogames that exhibit diverse characters and storylines. This allows a wide variety of players to identify with and see themselves in the games that they play, as well as normalizing diverse representation. The wall features a new game each week and brief explanation about what makes the game special. You will see games that feature characters that vary in races, sexualities, genders and several other identities.  “This wall is the most important part of our store, because we deserve games as diverse and interesting as the people who play them.”


The store will be growing in the future to offer more services and room to play for its customers and in turn, have an even larger impact on the community. Casey also hopes to teach others how to use the videogames that teens love for their educational and skill-development opportunities.

“I'd like to host one or more small seminars for educators and direct service providers to help them learn how to best utilize these things kids already have and are playing with in order to improve everything from physical coordination and mental flexibility to budgeting and finances. It's all already in there, but no one has taught the teachers how to use it.”

Thank you, Casey and Emry at Game On, for the positive supports you offer to teens in Juneau!


Check out their website at and follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with whats going on in the store!